idk I enjoyed the Service Learning project and am thankful to my school for giving me a chance to serve the needy. idk
- By Srijan Nandi

idk I realized that we need to serve the society and do something for the underprivileged. I served food myself to the needy. It was a wonderful experience. idk
- By Syna Malhan
Children who often whine about eating their peas and carrots at the dinner table hear from their mothers, “You should appreciate the food on our table, there are starving kids in Africa.” People are starving in almost every part of the world and the solution to that problem has yet to be discovered. Students of class 8 had been assigned the topic to provide food to the hungry.
idk I was so touched to see the young faces lit up when we visited the orphanage. I was in tears yet I was happy as I did something for someone. idk
- By Aditya Kumar

idk I was moved to see so many people of my grandparents age left alone in the old age home. I gave them gifts, I danced and sang with them. The smile on their faces made me happy to. I thank my school and teachers for that. idk
- By Suyasha Singh
idk The teamwork of the Management, Faculty and students yielded exceptional results as our students gained immensely through our project “Food Drive”. It helped our students build positive relationship with their community and develop empathy and respect for others. As teachers we feel grateful to be a part of this project which helped us instill deeper values of life in our students. idk
- By Tr. Jayshree Tr. AlkaTiwary Tr. Sumita Khanna Tr. Deeplina(Class teachers of Std 8)