idk We should avoid oily, fried food and no junk food. idk
- By Kavya Mandal

idk Eating clean, healthy food helps us look good idk
- By Disha Gaur
“The food you eat can be either the STRONGEST medicine of your life or the SLOWEST form of poison.” This is a very true saying about EACH and EVERYONE’s life. One should always have a control over their diet as it has a critical impact on them. A good diet can cure a lot of health-related issues even without the intake of medicines. Oily and Junk foods are harmful to a person in many ways. It makes them obese, lazy and a home for many diseases. The students of Class 1 are assigned this serious topic so as to spread awareness at an early age.
idk We should take care of our health as we will be safe from disease. idk
- By Sarthak
idk An apple a day keeps the doctor away” This saying helps us clearly understand the importance of talking the right food in order to maintain our health. Food is the source of our energy. So, choosing the right type of food that contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals is very important. idk
- By Juana Coutinho