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About Us

Carmel Junior College, Sonari is an English Medium Co-educational School, conducted by the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel Congregation. The congregation of the Apostolic Carmel has several schools in India and abroad in which young people belonging to every creed, social class, community and linguistic group are educated through the medium of English and the regional languages. These institutions are part of the Catholic Church’s effort to share in the country’s educational endeavour. This effort, while particularly responsible to the Christian community.

School has always been at the service of the whole nation. Thus, in these institutions, recognized as Christian minority institutions, the primary purpose is to educate Christian children, however, admission to school is open to all. The religious beliefs of all students are treated with respect. Established on 3rd March 1997, the school has grown to be the premier institution. It is staffed by dedicated, competent and highly qualified Sisters and Teachers who create and foster the ethos for the all-round growth and progress of the students. The ambience inside the campus is serene and salubrious which facilitates a proper environment for education and fruitful training of life. Carmel Junior College arms every student with the strength and depth of character that enables him/her to face the fiercely competitive world of today with ease and confidence. The institution has a holistic approach to education where the scholastic performance of the pupil is reinforced by the Human and Christian ideals of universal brotherhood, love, peace, joy and kindness in which the school explicitly believes. Exemplary discipline, outstanding academic performance and excellence in co-curricular activities are hallmarks of every student.


Inspired by our Foundress Mother Veronica and urged on by Mother Marie des Anges our first Superior General "we shall keep looking ahead with a clear vision for the future", for standards of excellence in our educational and social apostolate for a holistic development of our students which shall enable them to face the challenges of tomorrow.


To fulfill our vision we shall endeavour to :

  • Instill life-promoting values through moral education, faith formation with emphasis on nourishing and deepening their faith in God.
  • Provide academic opportunities which will enable them to excel at the national and international level.
  • Develop leadership qualities from early stages through activities such as the school cabinet, NSS/NCC, girl guides, scouts and other co-curricular activities.
  • Promote national integration, patriotism and communal harmony through the celebration of national festivals and inter-faith prayer.
  • Create environmental awareness leading to the protection of natural resources along with eco-friendly organizations.
  • Provide infrastructure for sports and other activities for personality development.
  • Make education affordable to the weaker sections of the society.
  • Invite and motivate all our staff members to be co-sharers in our Vision and Mission.
  • Call on parents and guardians who entrust their children to us, to co-operate with us to make our students a powerful force for the good of our society.

Core Values

We have values for :

  • A deep faith in God
  • Honesty
  • Dignity of labour
  • Hard work
  • Respect for life

The School: A Historical Note:

Carmel Junior College is a Cristian School established and administered by the congregation of the Apostolic Carmel Sisters in the Catholic Church. The school is under the religious jurisdiction of the Bishop of Jamshedpur.