idk It was a brilliant project. These kind of activities give a sense of self achievement and build confidence. idk
- By Hargunn Singh Bhatia

idk The products made by us were appreciative and motivated us to reduce the waste to save our planet. idk
- By Abhirup Paul
Recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction and is the third component of the “reduce, reuse and recycle” waste hierarchy.
BEST OUT OF WASTE is one such craft which follows this environmental friendly principle and at the same time creates useful and picturesque objects out of waste products.
Hence, students of class 4 are taught to reuse the waste products. Getting the best out of waste is the most important way one can contribute to the environment.
idk We felt proud as we were able to help a few families with the amount collected from the exhibition. idk
- By Ehsaan

idk Abiding by one of the core values of our school, we have learnt the dignity of labour and working as a team. idk
- By Vaidehi Sharma
idk Our project focused on recycling, reducing and revising household waste. The products made, turned out to be a treasure trove. All the students huddled in their classes to showcase their inner artist. It was fun and in a creative way children learnt the importance of recycling reducing and revising waste material and saving the environment. idk
- By Tr. Nmrata Bhardwaj, Tr. Jaswinder Kaur, Tr. V. Ritu, Tr. C. Radhika (Class teachers of Std 4)