idk This project was very beneficial as it helped to educate us about the negative consequences and inherent dangers of drug, alcohol and technological addiction. idk
- By Sneha Iyer

idk With the acquired information and knowledge, we can now make informed decisions and have learnt to say an emphatic ”NO” to these evils. idk
- By Rupika Sinha
An addiction heavily impacts the way a person thinks, feels and acts. Many individuals with addictive disorders are aware of their problem, but have difficulty stopping on their own. Many kids and teens try alcohol during their high school and college years, Alcohol interferes with a person's perception of reality and ability to make good decisions. Short-term effects of drinking include: distorted vision, hearing, which can lead to accidents, drowning, and other risky behaviors like drug use, bad breath, hangovers. Long-term effects are fatal.
Thus class 11 had taken up this topic to motivate youths not to get addicted to alcohol and drugs and lead a long, happy and normal life.
idk Working on this project has made me aware of the unknown ill-effects of drug, alcohol and technological addiction. I have understood the ripple effect of destruction of health and families and I pledge to spread awareness as much as I can. idk
- By Aishwarya
idk The aim of the project was to fight against evils like drugs, alcohol and technological addiction. Students prepared charts and gave presentations to create awareness regarding the same. They also had an interactive session with Dr. Abha Singh from Tata Main Hospital who made the studentsaware of the painful and almost fatal repercussions of this dreadful addiction. Students had also gone to different schools to put up nukkadnatakas a stepping stone towards our fight against these evils. idk
- By Tr. GurjitKaur Tr. KekaGanguly Tr. MadhuMenenzes (Class teachers of Std 11)