idk We walk and survive on land. It is literally the base of our ecosystem. It is in our good interest to take care of it and nurture it. idk
- By Sristi Mishra

idk We, the students of Std 6 conducted a rally showing the impacts of land pollution and the steps taken to create a cleaner planet. idk
- By Rujula Kauntia
Land pollution is a big threat to the environment. It is growing day by day owing to the increasing population as well as with the rise in the industries around. Due to the increase in population and the growth of urbanization, forests are being cut at a rapid pace to accommodate people. Forests are being turned into industrial and residential areas.
The students of class 6 have taken up this topic to spread awareness among people to conserve the nature and the soil so that the biodiversity can be maintained. "Stopping pollution is the best solution" So we should reuse, reduce and recycle the waste produced and make an efficient use of the household wastes
idk We organized an exhibition and with the help of working models created awareness among the general people to keep the environment clean and safe to live in. idk
- By Kakul Agarwal
idk Every action matters and together we can make a lasting impact.” Pollution is everywhere- from the highest reaches of our atmosphere to the darkest depths of our oceans often caused by human activities and its misuse. The negative consequences of land pollution can be greatly reduced with the cooperation of everyone. By making a conscious effort to contribute to a safer environment, the health and well-being of all can be protected. idk
- By Tr. S.Sangeeta, Tr. Leena Paul, Tr. Padmalata, Tr. Soumya V K (Class teachers of Std 6)