idk It was a great learning experience. It gave us an opportunity to learn about the water borne diseases and their preventive measures. idk
- By Sinchan Mukherjee
Water quality testing is an important part of environmental monitoring. When water quality is poor, it affects not only aquatic life but the surrounding ecosystem as well.
Water quality monitoring is commonly defined as the sampling and. analysis of water (lake, stream, river, estuary, or ocean) and conditions of the waterbody. Water. quality monitoring can evaluate the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of a water.
Thus class 12 has been given this topic to make the people realize the value of water and thus “SAVE THE WORLD”.
idk We learnt to check the Ph. of water and to monitor the quality of water-the precious resource gifted to us by God. We learnt about the journal writing which will help us in future. idk
- By Ayushree Ghoshal
idk Students were satisfied with the topic given. It gave them an opportunity to be aware of the causes, methods of analysis of water quality and remedial measures to be taken to deal with the deteriorating water quality. The PowerPoint presentation gave us an opportunity to indulge deep into the topic and derive maximum benefit. It instilled in them demonstration skills and team work. idk
- By Tr. Sushmita Sarkar, Tr. Mousumi Mukherjee, Tr. SanchitaKunar (Class teachers Std 12)